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Golden Horn, an estuary formed by flooding of valleys of two rivers confluenting just northwest of Eyüp by Bosphorus in prehistorical times, had always been Istanbul's primary harbour. In fact, it can be argued that Istanbul would never have existed in such a grand way if it weren't for this superb harbour and also the superb trading route through and across Bosphorus, by the way.


Pierre Loti Hill is an open air café on a hill overlooking Golden Horn in Eyüp. It’s rumored that a famous French writer used to love to visit this café during his residence in Istanbul. There is a cable car, lasting about 3 minutes; departs every 5 min.

Cable Car Ride to Pierre Loti  among the green which is located on a hill with beautiful trees where you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Golden Horn. Bird’ s eye view of the Golden Horn with the cable car while climbing to the café, 550 meters in 115 seconds.

Eyüp Mosque Complex  is the main attraction around this part of the city. The holiest Islamic shrine in the city, the complex includes, right next to the mosque, the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari ,the standard bearer of Prophet Mohammad, died and buried here during the first Muslim siege of Constantinople.

Miniaturk on northern shore of the was built in 2001 and is the first miniature park in Istanbul ,the world's largest miniature park in respect to its model area.

Rahmi M. Koç Industrial Museum  is a typical industry museum which showcases evolution of machines. Many transport related items including a submarine, classic cars, railway carriages, an out-of-service Bosphorus ferry and a aircraft (possible to go inside) is, among others, in the display.

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