You will feel the Exclusive VIP Experience from the beginning of your treatment.



*We work with one of the biggest clinics in Turkey that offers Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Surgeries Operations

*We offer you the comfort you need in your city which starts with airport pick-up, managing your entire transfer process and dealing with your accommodations in a professional way.

*Thanks to our professional translators, you will never feel alienate or isolated.

*We have been working in this sector for 15 years and specializes specifically in hair treatments.

*As a truly multidisciplinary cosmetic surgery center within world-class, integrating health care delivery system, we strive to combine broad-based, innovative approaches with high-quality patient care.

*You will feel the Exclusive VIP Experience from the beginning of your treatment.



"It's up to you to stop the hair loss.”

Caused by a hormonal imbalance or because of genetic predisposition, vitamin deficiency, anemia, or due to negative external physical conditions men and women have hair loss. Even some perscription medication can cause hair loss. 98% of men suffer from andro-genetic alopecia.


PRP (Platelet-Enriched Plasma) Treatment

The P.R.P. (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) hair therapy serves to strengthen hair that is weak and in danger of falling out. First, 10 ml of venous blood of the patient is taken (the Hungarian equivalent to as much as 1/10 a glass of tea). The blood is then put in a centrifuge to seperate the red and white blood cells. Following a specific methodology, the red blood cells are then injected into the area of the weak hair roots.


Hair Mesotherapy

The Paris hair mesotherapy technique helps to stop the hair loss in men and women and the quality of existing hair becomes stronger than ever. A special mesotherapy needle is used to apply a mixture that consists of protein, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This specially prepared mixture is injected by a dermatology specialist in small doses with suitable needles into the skin. The injection technique plays a large role. Instantly the solution reaches the desired skin capillaries and it begins to work. The superiority of this method over other therapies is due to the regional use of small doses. There are no known risks or side effects.


Hair Transplantation

"Do not waste time worrying about your losses, please remember that you can win"

In hair transplantation hair follicles are used from the healthy range (between the ears and above the neck). The donor area is resistant to the hormone responsible for hair loss. The harvested follicles are then embedded in the bald area that accounts for more than 50% hair loss.

Today the transplant performed with the FUE-Method.

This method is preferred by patients because there is no need for a surgery. With the FUE-method each hair is individually removed and transplanted. Attention is paid to the angle of each hair, so the result looks natural.


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